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ARPA York County Maine

American Rescue Plan Act

Under the United State American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021, York County was issued $40,331,830 in recovery funds to replace lost revenues and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The following information is presented so residents are updated on the projects funded with this allotment.

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ARPA Projects

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Behavioral Health & Addiction Recovery Center Committee

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ARPA: Our Team

ARPA Projects

Projects Funded Through the ARPA Grant to York County, Maine

Regional Dredge and Transport

York County is a vacation destination, particularly in our many seacoast communities. Extreme weather conditions have caused many of these coastal communities to experience the need to require expedited dredging of the harbors and waterways to continue their viability. Purchase Dredge and Transport ship, Management and operational staff to be developed and trained. Dredging services provided to local Municipal entities to provide this as a long-term sustainable enterprise. 

Behavioral Health & Addiction Recovery Center

Professional Services for engineering & design work and site development for a new Addiction Recovery Center to for the region of York County Maine.

Regional Public Safety Training Center

Emergency Management, Corrections and Sheriffs' workforce training and development. Newly hired personnel certification training and continued educational training for compliance, recertification and new mandates (Federal and State).

Affordable & Supportive Housing Units

Through the pandemic the county struggled with many requests for housing by individuals who has lost their accommodations, by raised rents or loss of employment. Additionally, there is a need for transitional housing for those coming out of our Recovery and Correctional institutions.

FAIRTIDE - Supportive Housing

Through the pandemic the county struggled with many requests for housing by individuals who has lost their accommodations, by raised rents or loss of employment. Additionally, there is a need for transitional housing for those coming out of our Recovery and Correctional institutions.

Mobile Vaccination Vehicle

Purchase of Vehicle to provide rapid response for pandemic related issues (Emergency Management Assistance) in concert with providing vaccinations and other services directly related to Covid-19 testing and inoculation's.

NCEU County Corrections Officers

Provides Premium Pay for all workers classified under the County Contract named NCEU. All eligible workers receiving premium pay are not exempt from the Fair Labors Standards act overtime provisions.

ARPA Financial Project Management

Financial Project Manager position compensation. This person is dedicated to ARPA compliance and reporting requirements.

Registry of Deeds - Public Interfacing Access Room

Install certain safety barriers/shields in Registry of Deeds public accessibility room to provide business continuity for required public services with COVID-19 protection measures for both workers and the public.

County Wetlands Delineation Study

Quantification of proposed County Owned property with respect to Wetland delineation.

County Commissioners Meeting Room Expansion

Public meeting room expansion of space and improvement to airflow.

Feasibility Study or Public Safety Training Center

York County Training Center for all public safety and emergency services.

County Jail Wastewater Conveyance Study

Commission Wastewater conveyance study on the existing County Jail.

My Teen Place Center

Successful Non-profit organization already providing mental health and well-being services in Biddeford, Maine to open second location in York County Maine to provide these same services to all of York County.

Improvements to Emergency Management Building G & H Block

Improvements to G&H Block buildings for staging, storage and accommodation of Emergency Management Center.

Body Scanner for County Jail

Provides a less invasive and hands-off method to search and discover contraband without having to do pat down's at the Jail complex.

Emergency Management Center - Dispatch Terminal

Outfit expanded Block G&H with new Data Terminals for Dispatch and data analysis.

Fairtide - Wellness Service Center HUB

Create a venue for centralized health and welfare services with a shared provider tracking repository (HUB).

Video Surveillance System

Replace outdated and faulty video surveillance system at the jail against the need for constant foot patrols throughout the populated areas of the facility.

Improve Recovery Center HVAC

Provide improved airflow and exchange at the existing Recovery Center.

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ARPA: List

Strategic Planning and Readiness Committee

Agenda / Minutes / More

03-10-23 Agenda

Twelfth Meeting of Strategic Planning and Readiness Center Committee. Guest: Senator Angus King.

02-03-23 Agenda

Eleventh Meeting Agenda for February 3, 2023

02-03-2023 Minutes

Eleventh Meeting Minutes for February 3, 2023

 12-19-22 Minutes

Tenth Meeting Minutes for December 19, 2022

11-17-22 Minutes

Ninth Meeting Minutes for November 17, 2022

09-15-22 Minutes

Eighth Meeting Minutes for September 15, 2022

ARPA: Files

Behavioral Health & Addiction Recovery Center Committee

Agenda / Minutes / More

02-14-23 Minutes

Sixth Meeting Minutes for February 14, 2023

08-30-22 Minutes

Fifth Meeting Minutes for August 30, 2022

01-10-22 Minutes

Second Meeting Minutes for January 10, 2022


Here you will find the archive of previous agendas, minutes, and more.

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January 6, 2023

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