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The County is currently accepting applications for the following positions

American Rescue Plan Act Financial Project Manager

Finance Department / full-time / exempt (long-term, temporary)

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Financial Project Manager will manage the execution of ARPA allocation received by York County. The position requires advanced knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations specifically auditing, procurement, and labor laws. The ARPA Financial Manager will be required to perform discretionary work involving legal contracts, and preparation of federal reporting documents representing the County. Additionally, the position will administer the ARPA allocation through its lifecycle and ensure proper due diligence including financial management of the program, project scope development and execution, and general assistance to management within the County.

Under the direction of the County Manager, Deputy County Manager and Finance Director, the ARPA Finance Manager will perform a wide variety of program related tasks, including but not limited to, federal reporting and compliance, record-keeping, budget and financial oversight, procurement, labor standards, coordination with various government and non-government entities, along with the creation and implementation of programs authorized under the federal legislation. In addition, the ARPA Finance Manager may perform other related duties as assigned.

This is a term position to coincide with the ARPA which expires on December 31, 2024.

Opportunities for extensions may exist beyond this date.

Corrections Officer

York County Sheriff's Office / full-time / non-exempt

Ensures a high quality corrections facility by providing for the care, custody, and control of inmates. Supervise inmates in their personal and quarters cleanliness according to established rules and regulations.

Corrections Reserve Officer

York County Sheriff's Office / part-time / non-exempt

Please see the flyer at the bottom of the page of this link

Court Investigator

District Attorney's Office / full-time / non-exempt

The Office of the District Attorney seeks a qualified investigator to perform professional investigative work to support the District Attorney’s Office which is developing and preparing cases for trial. The successful candidate will identify problems, acquire facts and documentation, prepare materials needed for trial, and serve as a liaison with law enforcement agencies.

Salary: $55,000 - $60,000

Deputy Sheriff

York County Sheriff's Office / full-time / open until filled


  • Enforces federal and state laws, court orders, and warrants.

  • Conducts investigations and writes reports on incidents involving area of duty.

  • Patrols assigned areas to detect and prevent crime; answers call for service and assistance,

    make arrests.

  • Investigates criminal complaints and accidents; conducts crime and accident scene analysis.

  • Enforces motor vehicle laws by stopping violators and taking appropriate enforcement action.

  • Assists investigators and personnel from the District Attorney’s office in the preparation of cases for trial; testifies in court.

  • Prepares timely and accurate reports, reviews investigative, arrest, accident, and supplemental reports for accuracy.

  • Questions witnesses and complainants; investigates suspects.

  • Attends community meetings; organizes neighborhood watches; makes presentations to churches, schools, civic organizations, and business leaders; participates in agency volunteer programs.

  • Writes and executes search warrants; serves warrants, court orders, and subpoenas.

  • Maintains assigned vehicle, firearms, and other equipment.

  • Directs traffic as needed.

  • Collects and maintains evidence; ensures proper chain of custody.

Legal Secretary - District Court

District Attorney's Office / full-time / non-exempt

This full-time Legal Secretary position will assist the District Attorney and staff with the efficient and accurate processing of criminal case file documentation and processing.

Salary: Hourly $18.77 - $20.27 / MSEA Union-Grade 5

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