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The County is currently accepting applications for the following positions

Corrections Officer

York County Sheriff's Office / full-time / non-exempt

Ensures a high quality corrections facility by providing for the care, custody, and control of inmates. Supervise inmates in their personal and quarters cleanliness according to established rules and regulations.

Corrections Reserve Officer

York County Sheriff's Office / part-time / non-exempt

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Deeds Clerk

Registry of Deeds / full-time / non-exempt

This full-time clerk position will perform duties of various natures and will require thorough knowledge of established policies and procedures of the department in conformance with Maine statutory requirements. This position is knowledgeable in all jobs in the department.

Salary: $17.17 - $18.94/hr


Working Knowledge of:

  • Knowledge of Deeds terminology, forms, and documents pertaining to probate procedures.

  • Knowledge of clerical procedures and practices.

  • Calculating fees and the handling of monetary transactions.

Ability to:

  • Type with moderate speed and absolute accuracy.

  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

  • Operate common office machines.

  • Provide good customer service to all patrons and visitors to the Deeds Office.

  • Develop and maintain harmonious working relationships with co-workers and customers.

Deputy Sheriff

York County Sheriff's Office / full-time / open until filled


  • Enforces federal and state laws, court orders, and warrants.

  • Conducts investigations and writes reports on incidents involving area of duty.

  • Patrols assigned areas to detect and prevent crime; answers call for service and assistance,

    make arrests.

  • Investigates criminal complaints and accidents; conducts crime and accident scene analysis.

  • Enforces motor vehicle laws by stopping violators and taking appropriate enforcement action.

  • Assists investigators and personnel from the District Attorney’s office in the preparation of cases for trial; testifies in court.

  • Prepares timely and accurate reports, reviews investigative, arrest, accident, and supplemental reports for accuracy.

  • Questions witnesses and complainants; investigates suspects.

  • Attends community meetings; organizes neighborhood watches; makes presentations to churches, schools, civic organizations, and business leaders; participates in agency volunteer programs.

  • Writes and executes search warrants; serves warrants, court orders, and subpoenas.

  • Maintains assigned vehicle, firearms, and other equipment.

  • Directs traffic as needed.

  • Collects and maintains evidence; ensures proper chain of custody.

Jail Administrator

York County Sheriff's Office // full-time / non-exempt

Manages the Correctional employees, programs, security, health, maintenance, financial responsibilities, and disciplinary functions of the York County Jail. Works under the general supervisor of the Sheriff, and his/her designee. Manages 3 – 5 subordinate supervisors/managers who supervise a total of 72 employees within a Correctional Facility. Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the correctional division of the YCSO. Also directly supervises several non-supervisory and non-correctional civilian employees. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.

Salary: $95,000 - $105,000 /year

Legal Secretary

District Attorney's office / full-time / non-exempt

This full-time Legal Secretary position will assist the District Attorney and staff with the efficient and accurate processing of criminal case file documentation and processing.

Salary: $18.77 - $20.73

Responsibilities and Example of Duties

  1. Pull criminal case files and prepare for daily criminal court lists.

  2. Updating of case files in database from daily criminal court lists, including but not limited to uploading of applicable paperwork.

  3. Typing of dispositional paperwork to include but not limited to, complaints, information, filings, and dismissals.

  4. Follow up and review of cases that are filings, deferred sentencing, and administrative releases.

  5. Typing and filing of paperwork with the Court as needed for ADA’s including motions and correspondence.

  6. Managing case files in filing system including locating of files and disposal of outdated files.

  7. Data entry as needed in JustWare.

  8. Data entry of case dispositions in JustWare.

  9. Work in conjunction with trial managers to ensure discovery is properly prepared and distributed.

  10. Work in conjunction with the grand jury manager with pre-indictment cases.

  11. Work as a liaison with the public, police departments and court personnel.

  12. Ability to travel to the Court on an as needed basis.

  13. Covering switchboard as needed.

  14. Other duties may be assigned from time to time by supervisory personnel.

Medical Billing Clerk

York County Sheriff's Office / part-time / non-exempt

The Medical Billing Clerk assists the York County Sheriff’s Office with Correctional processing, documentation, and reporting of all types correctional resident medical billing. Oversees the Inmate Benefit Fund, ensuring invoices are paid and reports are produced as needed.

Salary: $20.43 - $22.56 /hr

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