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  • Tammy L Wells

York County Staff Spotlight - Rachel Stansfield

Get to know Director of Development, Rachel Stansfield.

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I grew up in Chicago. I went to a small school in Illinois for my undergraduate degree and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, for graduate school.

What prompted you to decide to seek employment with York County Maine Government?

I have never seen a fundraising position in county government. I think it’s incredibly innovative and unique. I’m able to use my professional experience in fundraising and my academic training in community development every day, which is fun and fulfilling.

How long have you worked for York County Maine Government and in what capacities? What is your current title?

I’ve only worked for York County since July of this year. My title is Director of Development.

What did you do before joining York County Maine Government?

I have done work with grassroots nonprofits, to nonprofits doing international development, to large academic institutions. In those positions, I was closing five-, six-, and seven-figure gifts from individuals and foundations.

What do you like most about your current job?

The people I work with!

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

Being a mom/chauffeur to my 10- and 12-year-old. I also enjoy running distance. The longest one so far was a 62-mile race in Vermont.


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