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York County Staff Spotlight - Rachel Sherman

District Attorney's Office

Victim/Witness Advocate

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I grew up in Hudson and Marlborough, Mass. and graduated from Marlborough High School, though my father grew up in the Berwicks and I still have family throughout York County. I first attended the University of Lowell where I was pursuing a degree in Music Education. Due to a death in my family, I left to take care of my mother and siblings. I later went back to school in the Maine Community College and UMaine Systems to pursue a degree in public administration.

What prompted you to decide to seek employment with York County government?

I was a newly divorced mother of four young children, and I needed to provide for them. A friend told me about an opening. I had grown up in a public service family; it is my calling and my passion. I work to serve my community through my professional career as well as my volunteer activities throughout York County.

How long have you worked for county government and in what capacities? What is your current title? I was first hired in February 1998 to work as the Administrative Assistant to the Board of Commissioners, and later transferred into the District Attorney’s Office as a Legal Secretary in March 2007. In January 2020, I transferred into the Victim Services unit of the District Attorney’s Office as a Victim/Witness Advocate and continue to serve today with a little over 26 years of service to the citizens of York County.


What did you do before joining York County government?

I worked as the Chief’s Assistant for the Stratham Police Department in New Hampshire along with a variety of small jobs here and there in banking, accounting, and retail.

What do you like most about your current job?

I love helping people and when I am working with folks who need victim services, it is generally not a good time in their lives, and they are experiencing some level of the grieving process. To guide them through whatever emotions they are experiencing while trying to navigate a system that is not necessarily victim-friendly, even when they are angry and frustrated, is an honor. I am constantly humbled that they would trust me with those various levels of emotion when they are at their most vulnerable.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I love time with my family, which extends out to my greater community. I am very active in the labor movement and in causes that I feel help strengthen our community. “Me time” can vary as I love the outdoors and am also an artist and enjoy working with many mediums, including paint, clay, fabric, fibers, etc. I love to sew and am learning to knit. I also sing and love to read.


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