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After 24 years, YCSO Detective Sweatt Retires

ALFRED, Maine – Well wishes, hugs and handshakes were on tap Thursday, Feb. 29 as the men and women of York County Sheriff’s Office bid adieu to Detective Corey Sweatt, who retired after 24 years with the law enforcement agency.

Sweatt, 54, who hails from a family that includes a number of law enforcement officers, came to York County Sheriff’s Office after a stint in the U.S. Marines – and stayed.

“County has been great to me,” said Sweatt. “I’m very appreciative of the opportunity the county provided me.”

York County Sheriff William L. King said Sweatt’s retirement is bittersweet.” He’s not just an employee, detective, deputy – he’s a friend. “

King noted he and Sweatt were raised with similar values in the same Portland neighborhood.

“Corey will always tell you the truth – and he will always have your back,” said King.

Sweatt was joined at the event by his daughter, several brothers, and his uncle Jim Stanhope, who retired from Portland Police Department and the University of Southern Maine Police.

“We’re very proud of this guy,” Stanhope said.


Sweatt is unlikely to be idle for long in his retirement – he said he may join one of his brothers in his business.

There were presentations – including a shadowbox arrangement of York County Sheriff’s Office shoulder patches, handcuffs, his badge, and other mementos, and a plaque with a sentiment that spoke to Sweatt’s loyalty and service to the citizen of York County.

“This place won’t be the same without you,” said Chief Deputy Jeremy Forbes.


  1. York County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Jeremy Forbes, retiring Detective Corey Sweatt and York County Sheriff William L.  King pause for a photo at a retirement send off for Sweatt Thursday, Feb. 29.

  2. York County Sheriff's Office Detective Corey Sweatt chats with colleagues and friends at a retirement reception Thursday, Feb. 29. Sweatt has worked for the county law enforcement agency for 24 years,  after serving as a U.S. Marine.

  3. Retiring York County Sheriff's Office Detective Corey Sweatt was recognized with this memento as he retired Feb. 29 after 24 years with the agency.



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