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  • Tammy L Wells

York County Staff Spotlight - Det. Sgt. Kyle Kassa

Where did you grow up and go to school?

At a young age, I moved to Maine from rural Alaska. I attended Radford University (VA), receiving a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. In about two weeks, I will receive my master's degree in criminal justice with a concentration in public safety administration from Southern New Hampshire University.


What prompted you to decide to seek employment with the York County Sheriff’s Office?

Several mentors played a role in my decision to work for York County. First was former DARE officer Juston McKinney, who took me under his wing as an elementary school student. Next was Sgt. David Chauvette, whom I met when I was a high school student. Although he always warned I should be a firefighter instead, Sgt. Chauvette invested in me from an early age. 


How long have you worked for county government, and in what capacities? What is your current title?

I have worked for the York County Sheriff's Office for 18 years. I am currently a detective sergeant, overseeing the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). The detective/s position, school resource deputies, special agent assigned to the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Caring Unlimited funded domestic violence investigator position fall under the CID purview. I am a team leader on the Southern Maine Special Response Team, an agency trainer, and fill other support positions. 


What did you do before joining York County Maine Government?

Before working at the York County Sheriff's Office, I was a police officer for a short time in the Town of Buxton. 

What do you like most about your current job?

I enjoy conducting complex investigations, teaching, and adding value to operations behind the scenes through support services.


When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

When not working, I seek activities devoid of human interaction. I make the North Pond Hermit look like a socialite!


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