About York County


    York County has been a government in continuous existence since 1636. Five County Commissioners elected by voters are the policy-making body of the county, and a professional county manager manages 200+ employees and an annual budget of $19,567,432. York County has a population of over 201,169 people.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 989 square miles. Among all counties in the United States, York County ranks among the largest in terms of geographic size.


   York County's governance structure is Commissioner-Manager. There are five County Commissioners that are elected by popular vote in each of five districts. In addition, there are six positions elected county-wide: District Attorney, Sheriff, Judge of Probate, Registrar of Probate, Registrar of Deeds and Treasurer.


   The County's jurisdiction and responsibilities include a 298-bed jail, two of the largest Registries of Probate and Deeds in New England, the District Attorney's Office, a county and federally-funded Domestic Violence Program. York County provides law enforcement for 14 of its 29 municipalities and Emergency Management for the entire County.

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